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Dear Friend,

The risk of losing a job is sometimes too great for you to bear, thus you let yourself stagnate with what the employer offers to you – which is almost always to your disadvantage. You accept whatever is thrown your way out of fear of job loss, or you simply lose the will to seek proper compensation for your hard labour and excellent service that you provide.

Today I am going to prove – once and for all, that you really can pocket desired wage slip even in the gloomy economic climate.

Your Success is in Your Own Hands

Skill and value must be rewarded, especially if you can bring your establishment to greater heights. This is an essential truth in any business, especially if such a business is geared for excellence and quality.

If you know and feel that you are not being properly compensated for your services, then you have every right in the world to ask for a raise. How you say this, however, will determine your success or failure.

Coming across as brash and demanding will only bring trouble your way, and could really cost you your job if you rub your boss the wrong way. Even if you do manage to secure a raise, you will be sacrificing the future of your career if you focus too much on boosting your immediate salary.

Your boss is the most important person at work – from your salary raise to your promotion, everything depends on him. While a good boss can lay the foundation of your success, a bad boss can make your work environment miserable and each day a painful experience. In either case, understanding the psychology of your boss will help you create the right relationship with him.

Disgruntled subordinates, threatened superiors and predatory peers make a career-poisoning cocktail that can drown out even the most promising talents. Damned if you do; damned if you don’t.

I remembered what went wrong as I was asking for a raise, and then I remembered what my subordinates did wrong when they asked for a raise. On the flipside, I remembered what did work for me as a manager. I took down the names of the people I gave the thumbs up to, and I listed down just how their unique tactics worked on me. I did not stop there, however. I also went around and did my own independent research on how other people give the thumbs up to a raise.

I noticed that I focused too much on gunning for the raise that my boss did not actually see just why he should give me a raise in the first place. I still remember how my boss gave me weird looks for about a month or two after that embarrassing incident. Guess all that rushing too much didn’t get me anywhere, huh?

It All Boils Down How You Negotiate

Imagine yourself:

"Get pay raise"…earning more than 25% what you are earning right now!

…making more money while getting along wonderfully with everyone else at work!

…achieving a sense of relevance and importance in your job!

…getting motivated to perform significantly better and do an outstanding job at work!

 …getting ready for that big promotion – and expecting even more money in return!

It’s true, we all need more money than we are currently making and there are two ways you can achieve this – by shifting to a better paying company or by asking for a raise in your current job. I understand that you, like myself, think that the second option works best but how to ask for a raise ?

If You Come Prepared You’ll Get the Raise

A dedication to quality is the mark of a true professional, and no true professional will prioritize skill and competence before he even thinks of asking for a raise. It is useless if you don’t actually put that concept into practice:

Knowing and identifying your personal, performance and professional value will give you a clear idea of how much you are worth!

Finding the determination, making a decision and crafting an action plan will lay down the foundations of a successful salary negotiation!

Getting into the right mindset will give you the motivation you need while setting the tone of the negotiation process!

Researching and preparing beforehand will arm you with the information you need to back up your claim to a raise!

Choosing the right time and approach will guarantee that you find the perfect opportunity to come in and ask for a raise!

Learning about the ins and outs of your boss will help you adjust your negotiation strategies while giving you a clear idea how your boss thinks of you!

Aiming for a win-win situation will guarantee success – both in getting a raise and in keeping the people around you happy and satisfied!

Maintaining the relationship will ensure that you not only get a raise, but secure the foundations of your long term career in the job!

5 Core Questions You Must Ask Yourself if You Want to Know Where You Stand

I. Do you work extra hours or meet urgent deadlines? – Commitment and promptness scores the big points with the bosses, no matter what you do. Working extra hours to meet big project deadlines is essential for the hard-working employee seeking to get a salary raise.

II. Do you take initiative? – Problems can only be tackled well if you take the initiative to solve them or prevent them from happening in the first place. Learn to step up, do things on your own initiative, and your value as an employee will shoot up in no time at all.

III. Do you go beyond the call of duty? – Just because a task is not outlined in your job description does not mean you should not do it. Go the extra mile for the company’s sake, especially if it benefits others around you, and your selfless acts will not go unnoticed.

IV. Do you save the company time or money? – Just because you are given a $1,000 stipend does not mean you have to spend it all. Find ways to effectively minimize costs while maximizing output if you want to gain some.

V. Do you think long term? – Think in the long term, not just for today or tomorrow. This will allow you to see where you are going in your line of work, whether you will find a stagnant or flourishing career.

5 Key Answers – Be One Step Ahead of Your Boss – Prepare for the Most Common Excuses!

I. We can’t afford it. – This is a pretty legitimate reason in today’s tough economic times, but such an excuse can be abused by employers to limit the pay of their employees.

II. We have company policies in place. – Certain policies are utilized to limit the pay of workers, and they are pretty effective against those that do not have the guts to challenge the structure of the company.

III. You haven’t been here long enough. – Some companies prize seniority over performance, even if the latter is more important than the former.

IV. It hasn’t been long enough since your last raise. – Again, some employers base their salary increases on seniority and length of service. They feel that time is an important factor in between raises.

V. Giving you a raise would not be fair to others. – Appealing to a person’s sense of equality is an easy way to make him or her back down – especially if being ‘unfair’ is put into the equation.

All this is possible when you know how to properly negotiate for a raise. But wait a minute…

What is this Course Material All About in the First Place

This in-depth course material will teach you how to:What can I learn from Salary Negotiation ebook

1. Evaluate your worth – both real and perceived

2. Craft a plan to successfully secure a raise.

3. Cultivate a confident and winning attitude

4. Solidify your plans with research and preparations.

 5. Achieve a win-win situation when asking for a raise.

 6. Ensure the long-term success of your career.

All this presented in a no-nonsense, reader-friendly format that is easily understood by anyone and everyone. Informative, effective and straight to the point.

So, dear friend, you don’t need to invest much time or effort to become an expert of the fine art of negotiations. Let’s face it, you could spend a lot of time and a lot of money finding this information yourself. You could surf the internet or buy lots of different books, but why would you want to when I’m offering my book on AMAZON just for $4.13.

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